Sunday, March 25, 2018

Good Posing For Both Animation And Comic Book Art

I use the same principles of drawing for both my animation and comic book art. I follow the same stages of development in both types of projects. (Check out the completed comic page at:

The sketch stages are: 1) Thumbnail; 2) Rough Pencil; 3) Blue Pencil Refinement; 4) Final Black Line. See the following samples below.

1) Thumbnail sketch and its enlarged version.
2) Rough Pencil Layout. Note the dialog balloon and spotlight placements for composition.

3) Blue Pencil Refinement of the character poses. The dialog balloons and spotlights will be on separate levels. 

4) Final Cleanup/Tie-down Black Line. Did this using a Blackwing 602 and a Mitsu-Bishi 9850, then scanning it at 300 dpi and adjusting the contrast. As I said earlier,
check out the final completed comic page at:

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