Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Snuffy and Zoey Website

I've developed an independent animation-centric website (separate from this one); and created the first in a series of short whimsical 2D web cartoons starring my characters Snuffy and Zoey. The website ( is now live. This "John The Animator Guy" blog will continue to be supported and I will be posting about the production process of my new cartoons.

The purpose of the new site is to freely share my knowledge and enthusiasm for classical 2D hand drawn animation with children ages 8 and under (and their young parents and/or grandparents); and, in so doing, present a positive way to express oneself creatively.

The limitations of Blogger forced me to launch a standalone website where I can have total control of the quality of the material I post...and also (perhaps) in the future have a small online store offering licensed merchandise of Snuffy and Zoey.

This is my contribution to helping keep the art of classical 2D animation alive. I guess I'm sort of an internet Johnny Appleseed of animation…you never where those scattered seeds will land or what kind of good fruit they will produce.