Monday, November 15, 2021

Bloodwing Angel Chronicles Book 2

If you've read many of my posts, you'll know that I pour all that I know about drawing and storytelling into my work. Check out my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.


52 pages of the continuing adventures of Mychal, an angel who is unjustly banished to the mortal realm and struggles to survive amongst demons and living dead! Along the way, Mychal becomes the guardian angel to a neighborhood filled with killers and sinners!
  • Episodes 3 & 4: "FLY or DIE!" and "ALTAR of DEATH!";
  • and a special seven page 1717 CLUB standalone story "MIDNIGHT SPECIAL!”

Mychal must learn how to use her now limited angelic powers of flight and flaming fist while defending herself against demons! She, Josh Combs and his family, along with the dangerous Boys of the 1717 Club are the pawns in the opening play of a Cosmic Chess Match between the gods of Light and Darkness.

Bloodwing Angel Chronicles Book 2 is a full color mature action/adventure comic. Set in an altered universe, this series will appeal to you if you like the following: 

  • Heavy Metal Magazine 
  • Supernatural Heroes 
  • Mature Stories 
  • Fantasy/Horror