Thursday, January 14, 2016

2D Animation Work In Progress

I've been working on this two and a half minute short web cartoon on and off for the past year. It's my way of keeping my hand in traditional 2D animation, using pencil drawings scanned into ToonBoom Studio software. This file shows the various stages I go through to produce my final color...there are completed color scenes, cleaned up animation, rough inbetweened animation, and basic key poses.

For those viewers who can't see the below embedded file, please go to Vimeo at:

A frustrating aspect of Blogger is how it messes with the quality of the uploaded HD video clips. But this gives you an idea of how my characters' relationships are developing.


  1. Love what you did here! Love to see more!

    1. Thank you, Christopher. I'm working on it every day. But even though these are simple designs, it takes a while to tweak the animation as I clean up the keys, breakdowns, and inbetweens...almost none of the drawings are mechanical in nature...lots of overlapping action and subtle (and not so subtle) squash and stretch in the final drawing.

    2. I'm sure it can be tiresome to go through the clean-up process.

    3. Clean-up is the molding process...there's where the subtlety/forcefulness of the pose is captured. As a former supervising assistant animator/clean-up artist on "Raggedy & Andy", I am very much aware that bad clean-up can ruin a scene. ;-)