Monday, June 27, 2011

My Early Years at Nelvana Studios in Toronto (1977 to 1983)

Above is a Rock & Rule clip on Youtube that contains both my Quadhole (at 1:20) and Cindy (at 6:20) sequences.

It scares me that this stuff was done 30 years ago!
Also posted above is a second Rock & Rule clip that includes Cindy at the infamous Club 666/Earth, Wind, and Fire sequence. It starts at 4:30.
(Please excuse my editing of posts...I'm just learning how to work this Blog.)
Here's a Quadhole cel that I found posted on the internet. Amazingly enough, I had autographed it 30 years ago for one of the film's painters, who had painted this cel.


  1. Oh. My. God. Is this DRATS????

  2. Yes it it was originally titled.

  3. I am the proud owner of the above pictured cel. Great stuff! I was never able though to find this particular shot in the finished show. Was this scene perhaps dropped from the final cut?

  4. Ken, that cel is from a second finished Quadhole sequence that was cut from the final version of the film. If memory serves me, there is about a minute of Quadhole animation that is on the cutting room floor and has never been seen by the public. I spent six months working on that Quadhole sequence animation. So, you have a very rare item in your possession.

  5. Thanks John. I am happy to have the cel, and all the others in my collection. I am sorry to hear that all of your work didn't make the final cut but I do enjoy the character, especially the scene at the public fountain. I have a few other Rock & Rule cels of Omar and Stretch that must be from scenes that were cut as well. My entire collection by the way is at Yes my user name there is Mokman, lol. I have used Mok as a nickname since, well I was wee-high, saw Rock & Rule for the first time, and wanted a cool 3 letter name for my high scores at the video game arcade. Does that date me a little, lol? There are a couple other galleries at that also contain Rock & Rule cels, and of course a zillion other shows.